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Designs that perfectly combine durability and comfort for all-day wear.


Kid-approved styles featuring everything they love, from ruffles to rainbows.


Affordable prices with brag-worthy deals for every budget-savvy mom.


Dusty Road Apparel is proud to be a star merchant of the VISA#WhereYouShopMatters Campaign

Organic Baby Clothes Australia

What is the first thing that you have in mind when searching for baby clothes? Most mothers and fathers are searching for clothes that are comfortable, easy to put on the baby,
and easy to wash. Our organic baby clothes are designed to do just that and go a bit further by making sure that the clothes are made from organic fibers.

Why Choose Organic Kids Clothing?

We sell only organic baby clothes Australia because unlike polyester based clothes, they don’t trigger any allergic reactions, feel soft on the skin, and happen to last a long time.
Our organic baby wear’s emphasis is on organic design. We define an organic design as being something that’s very baby and parent friendly.

Babies are full of energy; they want to crawl, attempt to walk, and learn new things, so the clothing needs to keep up with their need for lots of activity. Designed by two proud
mothers, the clothing designed takes into account the difficulties faced with regular clothes for kids. So, not only do they look great, with the latest designs released for each
new season, but parents can be assured that their kids will feel comfortable wearing them.

Everything from Singlets to Rompers and Pants Easy to Wash

At Dusty Road Apparel, our line of organic kids' clothing extends to all types of trendy clothes. It also extends to all genders and sizes. Whether you have a tiny newborn old
toddler or a five-year-old firecracker, we have the right size, color, and design for them.

Each piece of organic clothing is meticulously designed. As a mother, the designer makes sure to use the garments herself to iron out all the kinks before they are produced
for customers. That is why you can be assured that we aren’t just making marketing statements. You will feel the difference of ease and comfort when using our line of organic
baby clothes.

Made for Australians by an Australian Mother

We design and make a myriad of Australian baby gifts that are great for new mothers and excellent as a birthday gift for toddlers. Every gift bears the use of organic products,
something that’s not only evident from the labeling but also the quality and comfort that they offer.

Each gift is designed with practicality in mind just as it for aesthetics. Additionally, we have made sure that there is a gift for all types of parents and children alike. So, you’ll never
run out of gift ideas.

Australian Made Baby Gifts

Many years ago, we made a conscious and deliberate effort to ensure that, as an Australian brand, every completed clothing item is made in Australia. That’s why all the gifts
you see are Australian made baby gifts. Since we’ve made a move to manufacturing in Australia, many good things have happened, and our decision has shown that people prefer
to buy from brands that are Australian and clothing that’s made in Australia.

In addition to being made here, you’ll also find Australian themed baby gifts. We are proud of our heritage as Australians, and these Australian baby gifts are a way of getting our
kids introduced to what it means to be Australian.

We have made it a point that every themed gift is socially acceptable, keeping in mind our understanding of history and culture. We respect all cultures, and our themed baby gifts
echo that statement.


Organic Baby & Childrens Clothes


   Other Reasons to Choose Dusty Road Apparel Organic Baby Clothes

   While there are many reasons why mothers, fathers and grandparents choose our organic kids clothing, there are a couple of other reasons to consider buying from us,
which include:

Every piece of clothing i.e., rompers, t-shirts, shirts, onesies, etc. are designed and made for babies of all sizes.

Bright, unique, and cuddly designs are meant to make the clothes inviting and cute.

So, not only will you as a parent fall in love with them, but your babies will enjoy them too

We have been selling organic baby clothes in Australia for a long time and understand the price sensitivity of the market.

That’s why despite being a popular brand, our clothing is priced very competitively.

Frequent sales and the introduction of new designs are bound to keep mothers happy.

All clothing is organic and organically produced in Australia.


We Are Here to Support You

  We stand by the quality of our organic babywear. However, we do understand that mix-ups and mistakes happen. Regardless, we are here to assist you with whatever is needed.
Our team   can also help you choose the right rompers or t-shirts as well as give you advice on what gifts and sizes may work best for you.

So, whether you have a question, need our assistance, or would like to offer feedback, we are all here for you.


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